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Making the Cancer Conversation Easier, One Question at a Time

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you--and they--will have lots of questions. Meet two moms who are helping to answer them.

Talking to Kids About the Refugee Crisis

How do we explain something so filled with trauma to our kids? Save the Children's online video campaign--illustrating what life is like for a child refugee--offers a place to start.

Please Stop Trying to Sell Me Stuff on Facebook

Dude, I'm your friend. Not your customer.

5 Summer Safety Rules to Teach Your Child Now

Kids have a much higher risk of injury this time of year, but you can teach them to look out for themselves with these tips from the Shriners Hospitals for Children campaign.

Parents Don't Know as Much About Water Safety as They Think They Do

New research shows we still have serious misconceptions about how to prevent drowning.

Join the Conversation to 'Wipe Out' Diaper Need

Huggies is upping its commitment to end the diaper crisis by donating 22 million wipes and asking parents to add their voices to the conversation.

What Being a Dad for A Day Taught My Son

What did my son learn by taking care of a fake baby for 24 hours? Parenthood is nonstop (and kind of fun).

Why Mother's Day Never Ends

We shouldn't need a holiday in May to appreciate how much mothers matter.

Let's Give the Mom in the Gorilla Incident a Break, Shall We?

Ugh--the Internet is awash in criticism of the mother of the boy who fell into a gorilla's enclosure over the weekend. But we moms know just how hard it is to keep our kids in our grasp 24/7.

This Mom's Invention Could Help Prevent Hot-Car Deaths

GMC's new Rear Seat Reminder is a step in the right direction.

Do You Know How to Practice Safe Swimming?

Keeping an eye on the pool isn't enough. Two-year-old Kyan Quintana's death is proof.

5 Moms to Follow on Snapchat

You may know nothing about Snapchat (or think it's just for selfie-crazy teens) but it's the greatest social platform out there--yes, even for parents.

14 Milestones of Parenthood

It's a wonderful journey, and no matter how old your children are, these undeniable phases of parenting will ring true.

My First Mother's Day Without My Mom

I've been steeling myself for Sunday since my mom passed away. Now the countdown is on.