Working from Home

It Is Real Work!

Many who work at home find that their friends and family may not take it seriously at first, interrupting at different times with random requests, phone calls, and more. What can you do to show everyone that you're serious?

  • Set up a schedule and try to stick to it. "Get ready for work" when your day starts.
  • Set up a specific work space or if you can, a full home office with all the necessities.
  • Establish rules about interruptions. Don't allow family interruptions unless it's an emergency or you're on a scheduled break.
  • Stay on task -- don't stop to do the dishes, run an errand or fold a load of laundry unless you're officially on lunch or coffee break.
  • If you can afford it and have young children, you may want to consider babysitting help or asking friends and family to pitch in.

If you show your family that you're serious about your at-home career, they'll be more likely to respect you and take it seriously too.

Working from home can be a rewarding experience, enriching your family and work life. So if you've been toying with the idea of joining the work-at-home ranks, whip out your pad and pen and jot down your ideas -- it may be time to make those dreams a reality!

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