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Could you do your current job on a freelance basis? Often, this is an easy way to work from home without changing careers. Writers and artists frequently freelance, but people with other job titles can also make the leap. Are you a sales staffer? A consultant? A technical worker? A corporate trainer? These are just some of the job titles that can easily be converted to freelance. How can you make this happen?

  • Review your current workload. Which projects and/or clients could be handled on a freelance rather than a full-time basis?
  • Talk with freelancers in your field. How did they set up their practices? What advice do they have?

One major benefit of freelance work is that you stay in a profession in which you have a track record. That may make the transition to working at home somewhat easier. Also, because you maintain the connection to your original line of work, the door is open should you decide to return when the kids are older.

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