Working from Home

Learn how to become a telecommuting mom!

Negotiate with Your Employer

Thinking about working from home? There are a growing number of workers enjoying the advantages of flextime arrangements, telecommuting, freelancing, and job-sharing. With careful planning, some research, a little discipline, and a lot of persistence, you can be on your way! Here's how to get started.

If you've already got a good job, make that your starting point.

  • Does anyone in your company telecommute? If so, ask them about what they do and how they negotiated the deal.
  • Are there any components of your job that can be done from home?
  • Write a telecommuting proposal that gives clear reasons why and how you can do all or part of your work from home, and submit it to your supervisor.
  • If your company is not amenable to such arrangements, it may be time to look elsewhere for better opportunities.

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