The Best Apps for Moms of 2011

We asked the best experts around -- our readers -- to share the apps that make life as a mom easier and more fun!

Cozi Family Organizer

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We've mentioned this app before (in our September 2011 print issue and in our Best Back-to-School Apps for Parents online feature), but moms love it so much we had to give it another shout-out. Cozi has everything a busy mom needs to keep her family on track, including appointment reminders and a calendar that can be color-coded for each family member. You can assign everyone in the house a to-do list and send it out over email or text, and create a shopping list organized by aisle or category. A family journal allows you to record treasured memories through photos and blog-style posts, and then share them by email or through a personalized website. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android; Personal Finance

Who isn't on a budget these days? Getting your finances in check is a snap when you sync all of your info (checking, savings, investments, credit cards, loans, etc.) to get a clear financial snapshot. You can add transactions while running errands instead of waiting until they get home (no more rummaging for receipts in your wallet!). The app keeps a detailed account of what you spent money on each month, complete with graphs and charts, and send alerts if you go over budget. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android;

My Health Records

When it comes to health issues, Mom knows best -- which is why she's usually in charge of making doctor's appointments, maintaining immunization records, and refilling prescriptions. But keeping track of the whole family can be a daunting task, which is why this app is well worth the splurge. All of the medical info, including family history, important documents, emergency contact numbers, insurance details, and physician information, is kept in one place. You can store other life-saving info, too, such as allergic reactions to medications, lab reports, and surgery records. ($5.99; iPhone, iPad)

My Fitness Pal

To say our readers love this free app would be an understatement: So many moms gave it props for helping them lose weight (and keep it off) by maintaining a detailed account of what and how much they eat. Some studies even show that keeping a food journal can double your weight loss -- making this app the perfect pal for those still trying to lose baby weight! You can set a daily calorie goal and then record your daily food intake through its calorie counter, which has over one million foods in its database. You can also log your workouts and set exercise goals. The app links to the My Fitness Pal main site, which offers a BMI calculator. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android;


Whether you need to know how to dress the kids for school or how to pack for an upcoming family vacation, get up-to-the-minute weather conditions in thousands of cities across the globe. You'll have access to live local weather conditions, hourly and weekly forecasts, and National Weather Service alerts. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android;

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