Fall in Love All Over Again

"We put our affection on paper."

Caren and Daniel Begun

Courtesy of Begun's

Caren and Daniel Begun
Married 8 years
Jersey City, New Jersey
Parents of Sarah, 2

Caren: It started seven years ago when we were testing a new printer. Daniel printed "I love you" and then hid the paper for me to find. Since then, we've concealed this same "love note" in the house, in our car, and all across the country whenever we travel.

Daniel: I like surprising Caren, and it lets her know I'm thinking of her. We both have a lot of fun with it, though it's an escalating challenge to find unique places to stash the note that neither of us has thought of before.

Caren: I crack up when the hiding spot catches me off guard. One time Daniel taped the note to the inside of our toilet-seat cover (it was protected in a plastic baggy, thank goodness!). This simple, hilarious game has become a constant reminder of our mutual affection, which is a nice thing, since our life with a preschooler is so busy.

Daniel: My philosophy is you can't have love without laughter. I've been known to break into spontaneous dancing and make silly faces to amuse Caren. But the note is my greatest invention. My favorite memory was the time I mailed it to our new home, addressed to her. That way, it was the first piece of mail she received. Caren knew exactly what it was before she opened it. She just looked at me and smiled. We didn't exchange a single word, but we both felt an instant, powerful connection.

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