Fall in Love All Over Again

"We connect through music."

Shayla and Alan Perry

Shayla and Alan Perry
Married 8 years
Corning, New York
Parents of Chris, 13; Nathan, 8; Kyle, 5; and Alyssa, 3

Shayla: After the kids are asleep, we grab some beers, light candles, and surf the music stations on TV. We'll dance and sing along to our favorites and reminisce about where we were and what we were doing when we first heard a song. It's a fun way to learn more about each other, and it also reminds us how much we share in common.

Alan: Sometimes they'll play a song that one of us doesn't like. Shayla can't stand the Retro Rock channel, but we'll keep it on as I try to explain why I like it. I love that she's willing to listen in order to understand me better.

Shayla: I find it amazing how much you can find out about a person from his taste in music.

Alan: One of my favorite songs is "Falls on Me," by Fuel. The chorus ("All you dream/Falls on me, it falls on me/And your beautiful sky/The light you bring/Falls on me, it falls on me") reminds me of my responsibilities as a husband and father. After we've finished our musical date, I feel closer to Shayla. The fact that we still enjoy being together gives me confidence in our marriage.

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