Are You Keeping Secrets from Your Husband?

Sneaky Smoker

She tried to pass herself off as a nonsmoker!

secretly smokes

When Teresa Rose of Sarasota, Florida, met the man who would later become her husband, he said he couldn't date a smoker. Guess what? She smoked. She really liked him, though, so she didn't tell him. "I used aromatherapy spray for my hair, Altoids for my breath, hand sanitizer for my fingers, and Febreze for my clothes and car interior," she remembers.

Fess up? "She should quit first, and then fess up," Tessina says. "As long as she's no longer smoking, it would be good for her to tell. They can laugh together. He probably knows anyway. Smoking is tough to hide."

What she did: She kicked her addiction, then told him about it. "After I lost my mother to lung cancer, I quit smoking. I wrote about it in my book (Opening the Kimono) and asked him to read the chapter. I was petrified! But he just smiled and nodded knowingly. I guess my efforts to cloak my habit weren't as successful as I'd thought."

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