Are You Keeping Secrets from Your Husband?

Mum on Money

She borrowed money --- and didn't tell him!

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Linda Farwell

When Greta Gunselman, a mother of two in Lacey, Washington, borrowed money from a friend to help cover expenses, she said nothing to her husband, Ken. "It wasn't a lot, and I knew I could pay it back in a few weeks," she says.

Fess up? "Ken could be humiliated that people know about the family financial problems," Tessina says. "Greta should tell only if it's in the context of better managing finances."

What she did: Greta kept the secret. Then her friend forgave the debt, saying that it was the least she could do to repay the Gunselmans for housing her family after Hurricane Ike. "I told Ken that they sent us a gift, since times are tight," Greta says, and that white lie -- which protects Ken's feelings but opens up the money discussion -- is okay, Tessina says.

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