Are You Keeping Secrets from Your Husband?

Budget Blunder

She caught her husband cheating on their budget!

Cara Cilione, a stay-at-home mom in Lewisville, Texas, was trying to rein in the family spending. "We cut out fast food, sodas, and other junky things, and now I cook nearly all our meals," she says. But she discovered fast food wrappers in her husband Angelo's car and, later, discovered fast food charges on their credit card bill.

Fess up? Yes, but "no reason to treat him like a criminal," Tessina says. "Perhaps the two of them could make an agreement to have one fast food night a week, or some other deal that makes it easy to keep everyone honest."

What she did: Cara decided to let it go because Angelo's splurges were so small. "But eventually, she should tell him that she sees the charges and is okay with them," Tessina urges. It will lift his guilt and keep them partners in spending.

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