Keeping Romance Alive Once Baby Arrives

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Our readers' tips for keeping the romance alive.

"Instead of celebrating our anniversary once a year like most couples, my husband and I make a point of getting a sitter and going out to dinner every month on the sixth to celebrate. We just celebrated our 62-month anniversary!" --Hope, New York City

"My husband and I sneak in some time together by popping in a Barney video, giving the kids a snack, and shutting our door for a half hour. The only problem is, every time I hear the Barney theme song now, I get a little excited!" --Jennie, Los Angeles

"We've started traveling with our parents. We went to the Caribbean with my folks when our son was 3 months old and to Greece with my mother-in-law a few months later. That way we get free babysitting by people we trust, and we actually get to relax." --Monica, New York City

"Most evenings my husband and I are too tired to talk, so instead, we get up an hour before our daughter and catch up. It's one of my favorite times of day." --Rehana, Orange, New Jersey

"Whenever my husband and I actually get the house to ourselves for a little while, we give each other our special 'look.' That signals it's time to take advantage of the moment!" --Anne Cavicci, Nelson, British Columbia

"Any time I hug and kiss my 2-year-old son or snuggle up with him, I make a mental note to do the same thing with my husband once I get the chance, so he doesn't feel like I'm giving all my love and affection to the baby instead of to him." --Caryn, St. Louis, Missouri

"As a token of affection, I sometimes buy my husband a small gift. Once I saw the cuffs on his shirts had worn thin, so I bought some new shirts and put them under his pillow. He really appreciated that I cared enough to notice and get the gift." --Jennie, New Bedford, New York

Sexy Stats

American Pie?

What scents make men weak in the knees? According to a study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie increased blood flow to the penis by 40 percent. Another favorite: the highly erotic mix of black licorice and doughnuts.

Under There

29 percent of men think the thong is the sexiest piece of lingerie, according to a Maidenform/RoperASW poll. Women, on the other hand, feel sexiest in a bra or camisole.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, July 2005.

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