Keeping Romance Alive Once Baby Arrives

8 Everyday Romantic Gestures

You don't have to spend a week on a secluded island to reconnect as a couple. Just insert a few of these simple, sweet gestures into your daily routine. It's easy -- you used to do them all when you were first dating!

1. You always held hands when you were walking -- that is, until the stroller got in the way. Try out some new ways of linking arms while you push the pram.

2. Instead of just a peck on the cheek when leaving for work, take 10 seconds for a real lip lock. "One says, 'I love you,' but the other says, 'I'm still in love with you,'" says Kreidman.

3. Show you care by finding one new thing to compliment him on each day, even if it's just that he shaved his sideburns in a particularly sexy way today.

4. Remember how to flirt. When you're both bustling around the kitchen, let your hand graze his behind and rediscover the chemistry that's still there.

5. The return of "Smoochiekins!" Dust off those pet names you used when you first got together.

6. Keep a pad of yellow stickies by your bed, and write a sweet little note for him every few days. Stick it in his briefcase or on his razor, where you know he'll find it.

7. If you're too exhausted to do anything but sack out in living room watching Law & Order, lie together on the couch and play footsie.

8. Have a digital camera? Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "Can't wait to see you tonight" and e-mail it to him at work. Caution: no nude pictures unless he works from home.

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