Communicating After Baby

Are you madly in love with your baby but just plain mad at your partner? He might feel exactly the same way. Our guide to common new-parent gripes will help you work out your differences.

If You Could Read My Mind

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The only thing scarier than being told over and over that having a baby will change your life is the moment you realize how drastically your life has actually changed. Your kid is totally awesome -- cute, sweet, everything you'd ever hoped for -- but she's also the reason why sleep has become a distant memory and leaving the house requires more planning than your wedding did.

Another thing this tiny, unwitting troublemaker has altered is your relationship with your partner. While the two of you are likely closer in some ways, the stress of new parenthood means there's a good chance you're annoyed with each other (okay, flat-out peeved) on an almost daily basis. Since infant care is nonstop and can drain the last ounce of your composure, the idea of calmly clearing the air may seem like yet one more daunting chore.

Wouldn't it be easier if you and your spouse could read each other's mind? Since the odds of developing telepathic powers are slightly slimmer than they are of getting to sleep until noon anytime soon, try this instead: Find out what he's really thinking, then slip your list of grievances under his nose.

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