Rekindling Romance

Recharging your marriage can make you happier -- and a better parent.




With so much at stake, parents should take active steps to halt the sexual drought that so often accompanies parenthood. Here are suggestions for changes that you and your spouse can make to remind yourselves why you got married in the first place.

Never talk "business" during lovemaking. A husband starts making love to his wife and she suddenly jolts upright in bed and asks, "Mark, what was that noise?" No, turns out it's not a burglar carrying off little Sammy. It's actually the sound of her imagination carrying off her love life.

Don't let your mind wander to whether you accidently left the oven on or whether you remembered to sign Emily's homework assignment. Your brain can be an enemy to your sex life. It gets stuck in the "function mode" -- and worries about everything else that's going on around the house or at the office. But remember, function is not romantic; function reminds us of dysfunction, and that may lead to all sorts of other discouraging ideas.

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