Sex & Marriage After Baby: How to Survive Your Marriage's Most Trying Times

The five most challenging times in every relationship, and how to get through them feeling closer than ever.

Storms May Roll Your Way

It's a shock when your marriage hits its first patch of turbulence. You've been cruising along just fine, when all of a sudden, the bottom drops out. Welcome to your first big fight -- you know, the ugly kind with screaming, shouting, slamming doors, and tears. You've probably just hit a bit of nasty weather, but when you're bouncing through it, it's scary. You find yourself thinking: Is this it? Are we over?

In all likelihood, the answer is no. The truth is that all marriages go through choppy stretches. In fact, it's even possible to pinpoint when the bumps will come. Thirty years of research shows that most couples encounter conflict at predictable times.

So fasten your seat belts! We'll clue you in to the five stormiest periods, plus give you strategies to help you soar through them with your love intact.

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