How Does Your Relationship Rate?

Score Yourself

To score:

For every A answer, give yourself 3 points.

For every B answer, give yourself 2 points.

For every C answer, give yourself 1 point.

For every D answer, give yourself no points.

Add up your points, for the total.

If you scored:

18 to 24 points: Take an emergency kid-free vacation this month. Rediscover who you are as an individual and, more important, who you are as a couple. Call an absolute moratorium on kid talk while you're away. Sleep until 11 a.m. and drink mimosas in the morning. Talk about the things that really matter to you as human beings, not as parents. If you can't swing a vacation right now, send the kids to Grandma's and make each other breakfast in bed -- then stay in bed all day. The time and money you spend now healing your marriage will save your kids hours of therapy later on, when they have to figure out why they don't believe in love.

12 to 17 points: Date your spouse. You probably love each other very much, but you've strayed from the path of a healthy marriage. You think you're doing the right thing by dedicating all your time and energy to your kids. You're actually doing them a disservice. Go to a romantic French bistro this weekend. Get dressed as if this were a second date. Find out what your spouse's most precious childhood memory is, what he or she hopes to achieve in the next 10 years. Rediscover the person behind the parent.

6 to 11 points: Keep on kissing. You're on the right track. The love and appreciation of your spouse are there, but at times you lose sight of the romance. Keeping the flame alive in your relationship takes a bit of effort, but it's worth it. So concentrate on the little things: Send a love note, fill the bed with roses, have a candlelight dinner, wear something silky underneath. Remember, the little things count as much -- if not more -- than the big ones.

0 to 5 points: Congratulations. You've revealed your marriage to be one filled with love and romance. May you pass along the ability to love from one generation to the next. May your children learn to love and teach their future partners to do the same. You're off to a great start!

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