Gotta Have It: Today Sponge

Safe for nursing moms, this birth control's no longer just a Seinfeld punch line.
Today Sponge

Synova Healthcare Group, Inc.

In the hallowed history of birth control, no contraceptive has ever been immortalized quite like "the sponge." Remember Seinfeld's Elaine frantically buying up every box of Today Sponges before they were taken off shelves?

Well -- after a 10-year hiatus, the Today Sponge is back. We love it because it's available over-the-counter (although definitely talk to your doc before using any birth control), and also because we don't have to stress about remembering to pop a pill every day. Plus, it's hormone-free, so breastfeeding mamas -- those who don't want any "happy accidents" -- can relax. No extra hormones. Need a primer on how to use? Just run it under water and pop it in before sex (up to 24 hours before the deed). Two caveats to note: Today Sponge doesn't protect against STDs, and it's 89-91 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

So make like Elaine and try it out -- your husband's sponge-worthy, right?

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