Making New-Mom Friends

The Other Woman

I call Marilyn and am struck by how happy she sounds. She's just been to a free music show with Jordan, so that could be the reason. Then she drops that she's meeting another mom at the park the next day. I'm floored. Marilyn invites me along, but I hang up, stricken, without committing either way.

The next day I head to the park because I'm just too curious about Marilyn's new friend. Yes, I realize it's a bit stalker-like, but Marilyn did invite me along. Strangely, neither one is there. As I'm helping Samantha down the slide, a woman approaches and asks if I'm Marilyn. I'm confused, but then I realize, my heart soaring, that this must be Marilyn's new friend -- and she doesn't know what Marilyn looks like! It must have been a playdate initiated through the neighborhood's Web-based mom's group. An Internet date! I explain that I'm not Marilyn but she should be here soon. When Marilyn shows up I give them their space, and when I join them later I hear Miss Internet asking annoying questions about preschools. She isn't my type, and Marilyn doesn't seem to be hitting it off with her either.

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