Making New-Mom Friends

For the first year of my daughter's life I was far too busy taking care of her to think about making new friends. But after Samantha's first birthday, I found myself enviously watching women who pushed strollers in tandem down the streets. I felt like I was single again and looking, in this case, for a girlfriend. Here's how it went.

The Meeting

mom friends

Ali Douglass

The first time I run into Marilyn it's because I'm racing down the street to claim a shoe that Samantha threw out of her stroller. We exchange a weary, we've-all-been-there glance and I head on my way. A week later we see each other at the park. This time, we chat. It turns out she and her husband have an apartment around the corner from us. We exchange numbers and I walk home with an extra spring in my step.

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