Girls' Night Out: Clothing Swap Party

Throw Your Own Swap Party

Want new clothes for nada? Host your own exchange! Our tips make swapping a snap.

  • Invite a big group for more options (and sizes), and make sure all the clothes are clean and gently used. Don't forget accessories like bags and shoes, too.
  • Make space. Clear off tables, set up mirrors, and designate a changing area for shy mommies.
  • Decide beforehand how your swap will work -- you can do individual swaps, try a ticket or an auction-style setup, or simply let everyone dig in. (Brace yourself!)
  • Sort the clothes into categories (skirts, sweaters, jeans) or by quality (discount, mall-store, designer).
  • Have a tiebreaker in case two people want a hot item. The classic "rock, paper, scissors" never fails.
  • Serve drinks and snacks to keep your swap festive instead of frantic.
  • Donate items that didn't get snapped up.

Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the October 2007 issue of Parents magazine.

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