Girls' Night Out: Clothing Swap Party

Because one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, this Portland, Oregon, moms' group hosted a "Naked Mama" swap party and watched the clothes fly!

Ready to Swap

What do you get when a dozen moms show up with armfuls of clothes, ready to swap, talk, and nosh? "Organized chaos," says Olivia Rebanal, cofounder of the group "We're into low-impact planning, so this was an easy way to score new clothes, recycle our old stuff, and have fun."

They held the event at local boutique Black Wagon, which offered a discount so the moms could shop for new stuff too. "People were cautious at first," says cofounder Hau Hagedorn, "but as the night went on we began to just dig in -- modeling outfits and sharing stories about the clothes." All the moms who attended (plus one older daughter) left with at least one new outfit.

The UrbanMamas also organize coffee playdates, wine nights, and a weekly Saturday-morning run. And they've just started meeting to discuss state ballot issues -- and to figure out how they can get their voices heard. "It helps keep us in touch with who we were before we became moms," says Olivia. "We don't have as much time -- but we don't have to give up doing the things we love with the people we love."

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