Can Friendships Survive Parenthood?

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How We Did Our Survey

We commissioned Fairfield Research, Inc., an independent third party, to conduct an online survey on behalf of Child magazine, using Fairfield Research's National Panel of over 30,000 individuals who have agreed to participate in surveys.

An e-mail was sent to a random sample of approximately 2,500 national panelists, 50% men and 50% women, inviting them to take part in a Web survey about their friends and how their friendships changed after they had children.

The survey ran for 11 days. During that time, 909 individuals completed useable surveys: 292 were men and 601 were women.

Fairfield Research collected, cleaned, coded, entered, and processed all surveys by the cutoff date.

Sample characteristics:

Men: 32%

Women: 66%


18-24: 8%

25-34: 37%

35-44: 38%

45-54: 12%

55 or older: 5%

Median age: 35.9

Marital status:

Married, living together as a couple: 86%

Single, never married: 6%

Divorced/Separated/Widowed: 8%

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Copyrighted with permission from the February 2002 issue of Child magazine.

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