Introducing Pet to Baby

Smart Pet Tricks

family with pet dog


Try these mom-tested tips to help your furry friend get used to—and bond with—the new baby.

Bring home the blanket

After I delivered my daughter, Liberty, my husband took a hospital baby blanket home with him so that our dogs, Heidi and Otto, could sniff it. By the time we came home, they were familiar with her scent and very calm.

Michelle Fry; Atlanta, Georgia

Don't forget snuggle time

My husband and I made a real effort to always have one of us holding our dog, Wren, when the other was holding and feeding our baby, Paloma. It showed Wren that she was still important.

Alison Shields Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Take it slowly

We waited a week before introducing our cat, Norman, to our daughter, Kiera. I would stay in the bedroom with the baby. After the two 'met,' Norman took his time getting used to the scent, the gear, and our new round-the-clock schedule.

Nicole PackSan Rafael, California

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