Introducing Pet to Baby

If you have a dog

baby with pet dog

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Leash up. We know it'll look kind of silly, but consider taking your pooch on walks with the stroller before your baby arrives. "It helps to establish the pace you're comfortable with so your dog knows exactly what's expected when it's out with the baby," explains Remer. "Adjust the leash so that your dog can walk next to you at all times—not in front or in back of you."

Play nice. Most dogs love to roughhouse, so you should avoid wrestling or playing tug-of-war. "Your dog may attempt to play these rough games whenever the baby is around unless you put a stop to them now," says Christine Hayden, vet technician for Kroger Pet Insurance.

Instill a no-begging policy. Parents often worry that their dog will jump up near the baby. The easiest way to avoid this is to train your dog to stop begging for scraps, says Klein. If your dog steals food, immediately take it away. If it stays away from the table, reward it with praise and a treat.

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