Wills and Estate Planning: DIY or Not?

When it comes to writing your will and planning the future of your estate, what can you do yourself and what should you outsource? A legal expert provides the answers.

When it comes to the people you love, you'd do almost anything to ensure they're taken care of.

Even fill out forms.

And if you have loved ones, there are a few crucial financial forms you'll need to fill out to protect those you care about.


Luckily, you don't always need to see an attorney -- or pay expensive fees. Some forms are so simple you can download them and fill them out yourself within minutes, at no cost.

But some forms -- and some family situations -- are complicated enough that you definitely should enlist professional help. We spoke to Yana Feldman, an estate planning attorney based in Garden City, New York, who told us when to DIY and when to call an attorney.

One thing she did tell us: Never entrust your estate planning to online services like LegalZoom. These services still cost money -- and don't provide the eagle eye of an attorney to ensure you cross every last T just so.

Here, Feldman explains when you should call a lawyer like her -- and when you can easily DIY for free.

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