Make a Lemonade Stand for a Cause

Let the kids earn money for a favorite charity by staging a curbside fund-raiser.

Choose a Cause

kids at lemonade stand


Help them decide where to donate their hard-earned cash. Brainstorm ideas -- maybe they'll want to buy toys for sick children in the local hospital or contribute funds to revitalize a playground. Kids will work harder to sell their wares if they connect with the charity.

Attract a Crowd

To get the most bucks for your bang, put flyers on community boards and at the neighbors' front doors. Cover a table with an old sheet and make bright, eye-catching signs. Add an element of fun by having the kids set up a simple ring-toss game that offers customers the chance to win a free goody.

Serve Up Snacks

Offer tasty treats like baggies of a fun trail mix made with Cheerios, dried cranberries, M&M's, and pretzel nuggets. And you don't have to limit yourself to classic lemonade. Offer a variety of drinks (berry-flavored and sugar-free refreshments are great options).

Originally published in the June 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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