A Get-Real Guide to Saving for College

Will Costs Change in the Future?

Here's something else to remember when you read about those sky-high college costs: They are projections of tomorrow's prices based on what's happening today. But experts say the cost of higher education has gotten so outrageous that it will likely be reined in before today's 2-year-old graduates from high school. For example, some demographers think that the number of applicants may decrease in another couple of decades, so colleges may have to compete for students by discounting their fees. Also, if higher-education costs remain out of reach for lower- and middle-income families, look to the government to come up with new loan and grant programs to help students out.

At this point, there's no way to predict for sure what the future landscape of college costs will look like. But you can give your child a good head start right now by planning wisely and saving as much as you possibly can -- and trying not to take those staggering numbers too seriously.

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