How to Save for College

You can't start planning -- or saving -- too early.

College Costs in 2019

Do you anticipate putting your child through college? Here's the best advice from financial planners on how to finance your child's college education: Start early. Prices are on the rise every year -- learn how to start saving now!

Eighteen years from now, tuition and room and board for a four-year college education will cost close to $85,000 at a public university and just over $200,000 at a private school. And this doesn't include the cost of books, transportation, and other day-to-day expenses.

To meet those costs, you'll need to put about $115 a month (for a public institution) or $284 a month (for a private college) starting from your child's birthdate, in an investment product that will give you an average pretax rate of return of 8 percent.

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