The Insurance You Don't Need

Of course it's crucial to make sure your family, home, and car are protected, but chances are you're paying for unnecessary coverage. You can save money by skipping these policies.

What Coverage Should You Have?

insurance you don?t need

Luicy Vigrass

With all the bills you pay to feed, clothe, educate, nurture, and entertain your kids, insurance can seem like yet another burden on your strained family budget. But the checks you write for homeowners', life, and medical coverage serve a vital purpose: They help protect your financial future.

The same cannot be said for a lot of other insurance. Companies will try to sell you policies for almost everything, from vacations to identity theft to life insurance for your child. In most cases, purchasing these plans is a waste of money. By just saying no, you'll save a bundle -- without giving up your peace of mind.

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