Why You Fight Over Finances

Here are the biggest disagreements when it comes to money -- and how to resolve them.

Money and Power

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Kaysh Shinn

When you have a new baby, everything changes. Spending all day in your pj's becomes more necessity than luxury, spit-up removal tops your to-do list, and out of the blue you have a mountain of money problems. Couples who never fought about anything suddenly find themselves in cash crises right and left.

Often, experts say, budget blowups are actually less about money and more about control. "Money often represents power, love, freedom, and all sorts of other things that it really isn't," says Michael Bradley, EdD, a psychologist in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, and author of The Heart & Soul of the Next Generation (Harbor Press). "You're never going to solve the issues if you talk about dollars. You need to talk about the feelings behind the dollars." What financial friction do new parents face? Read on.

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