Tips from the Frugalista Moms

There's nothing like the thrill of a good deal, but if you're going to get serious about saving money, it's gotta be a part of your daily life. Use these prudent-mom tips -- and get inspired to find cool ways of your own to become a frugalista.

Get Web-Savvy

Get the Code

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If you're Internet shopping, check for an online coupon or a discount code. Just open another browser window and search for the store's name and the words "coupon code" or "discount," says Jennifer Curtis, of Binghamton, New York. It's a simple way to save.

Lower Your Phone Bill

Connect with faraway family members using an Internet phone service like Skype. It only costs $30 a year for all your calls. Melanie Farrell, of Cary, North Carolina, subscribed to this service so her kids can talk long-distance to their grandparents as often as every day -- without stressing over racking up scary phone bills.

Spend Less on Date Night

So many moms suggested setting up an online babysitting co-op as a huge way to save money. One popular site where you can do that is Just log on and start swapping childcare with a simple point system. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way by just trading on and off with your friends.

She Finds It: 20-Cent Diapers

Angie Wynne, of Atlanta, is a mom with a purpose: She single-mindedly tracks all the latest deals on diapers, formula, and other baby necessities and posts the finds on her Web site, One minute on her site can save you hours of shopping around -- and lots of cash!

Test-Drive New Music

Like many moms, Libby DeMateo, of San Francisco, lost track of the latest music around the 50th playing of The Wiggles. So she thinks the free music site totally rocks. Just enter the name of a song or an artist and Pandora will stream similar tunes. You can listen to hours of great songs for free. Then you can get your newfound faves on iTunes without fear of buyer's remorse.

Cheap Books

Love to read? Christina Rigby, of Pleasant Grove, Utah, gets her books through Mailing them costs about $1.59 when she prints out the site's mailing labels. She says she's saved close to $200 over the last six months.

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