Donating to Charity

Teach your children the value of donating to charity. Learn the basics of donation through cash, hours of service, or by gifting material goods. It's a feel good, do good lesson for the whole family that will yield you a deduction come tax time.

9 Ways to Teach Your Child About Charity

How to make family giving a habit.

Parents' 2016 Gift Guide for Charitable Giving

Your holiday shopping just got more meaningful. Our guide has 28 gifts that support charitable causes.

Giving Back on a Budget

This holiday season, help the less fortunate and donate to the charitable causes you want to support. No matter how tight your budget is--and, let's face it, almost every family has trimmed its spending in the past couple of years--there are lots of ways you can make a difference this holiday without digging deep into your pockets.

The Giving Season

More than 20 percent of U.S. children are living in poverty. We found eight charities helping them that really stand out. This year, why not put what you'd spend on a couple of holiday presents toward one of these worthy causes?

Charities Making a Difference in 2014

If you're searching for a worthy cause to donate to this holiday season, look no further than these seven impactful nonprofits that we were proud to feature in our Power of Parents column this year.

6 Ways to Promote Philanthropy

Instill a lifelong habit of helping others in your child.

Completing the Cycle: 88bikes, Donating Bicycles to Kids

One children's charity proves that a small bike can make a huge impact on needy kids.

Charities Making a Difference in 2013

Consider these eight nonprofits that were featured in our column, The Power of Parents, over the past year when donating to a worthy cause this holiday season.

Humans of New York Tells Heartbreaking Story of a Young Boy With Brain Cancer

The popular blog's most recent photo series showcases fear and strength in the face of pediatric cancer.

"Why Don't We Give to That Homeless Person?"

Parenting expert Jan Faull, Med, on how parents can tackle the touchy subject of helping the less fortunate without creating a double-standard.

Speak Out Against Poverty!

Send this letter to your representative to let him or her know that you want antipoverty programs to be a priority. (Get contact info at

Meet 10 Kid Heroes of 2016

These little kids made a big difference through GoFundMe campaigns this year.

Meet the Comedy Kids

These 8-year-old comedians show that when it comes to helping other sick children, laughter is the best medicine.