The Best Cities for New Families


Whether you're the outdoorsy type who loves weekend hikes and regular strolls in the park, appreciates sunshine on a regular basis, or are concerned about air and water quality, these communities rank favorably on the sun, green, and clean scale.

  • Warmest Temperature: Honolulu There's a reason Hawaii residents are so friendly. With an average year-round temperature of 71 degrees, you'll never need to wrestle your toddler into a snowsuit -- but you will need an extra swimsuit or two!
  • Most City Green Space: San Francisco Nearly 20 percent of the Bay City is dedicated parkland, more than double the national average. The beaches aren't bad either!
  • Most Backyard Playtime: Las Vegas With an average rainfall of just over 4 inches a year, there's little chance your swing set or tricycle will rust, and your children will have lots of opportunities for outdoor fun in the sun.
  • Cleanest Tap Water: Chicago Take a sip of this: The Windy City was the only city in the Natural Resource Defense Council's drinking-water report to receive a grade of excellent for water quality and compliance.
  • Best Air Quality: Cheyenne, Wyoming Cheyenne residents always breathe easy. The reason? This city was named the American Lung Association's cleanest city in terms of long-term particle pollution.

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