Good Move: How to Make Moving Easier on Kids

Q. How can I help my daughter adjust to sleeping in her new room?

A. Your child is bound to be anxious the first few nights. Unpacking her box of special belongings as soon as she arrives will make her feel more at home. Carole Conner, from Knoxville, Tennessee, found this worked well with her boys, Daniel, 7, and Seth, 5. "As soon as they pulled out their favorite toys the new house wasn't quite as foreign to them," she said. While you unpack, point out what's better about her new room: "It's so much bigger; those shelves are perfect for your books." It will also make her feel more comfortable if she knows the lay of the land. Walk her to your bedroom and the bathroom and point out the light switches in case she gets up at night (use night-lights along the route to the bathroom). And even on that hectic first day, try to stick to her routine and bedtime. If she cries or comes out to find you, remind her that this is her bedroom now and she needs to sleep here.

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