Buying A Home: The 10 Best States for Babies

8. Connecticut

Jessie Hartland

Jessie Hartland

  • Has the sixth-highest number of pediatricians per capita in the country -- one for every 847 kids under age 18
  • Boasts a high early-childhood vaccination rate; nearly 80% of 3-year-olds are current with their immunizations
  • Requires all restaurants to be smoke-free as of this month; cafes and taverns with limited seating have until April to comply

Connecticut is among the country's leaders in ensuring that pregnant women receive the examinations, tests, and counseling they need, with 86% getting satisfactory prenatal care. In some states, more than 40% of moms-to-be don't receive adequate prenatal care, doubling their risk for delivering a low-birth-weight baby, according to a recent report by the March of Dimes.

"Since 1989, we've been offering free prenatal care to women whose incomes are 185% of the federal poverty level or below, " says Martha Okafor, director of the Family Health Division for the state of Connecticut in Hartford. For instance, a family of three making $28,321 or less would qualify for the no-cost care.

Moms-to-be get medical attention at one of the more than 25 Community Health Centers in the state. Convenience is key. "They can see an ob-gyn, a social worker, a nutritionist, even a dentist all in one place," says Okafor. "In some locations, we also provide transportation to the center."

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