Smart and Simple Space Savers

Nursery and Kids' Rooms

  • A feeding station can be as simple as a comfy chair with a side table where you can put tissues, a clock, a water glass, burp cloths, and bottles if you need them.
  • Organize a changing table by grouping the essentials together on the shelves or in the drawers. Dedicate one plastic or wicker bin to diapers, another to wipes and washcloths, and a third to ointments and lotions. Other bins could hold pacifiers and a diversion toy or two.
  • Maximize space under the crib or bed. Store blankets, sheets, or out-of-season clothes in containers designed specifically to fit in this area. They're available at mass-merchant stores such as Target and The Container Store.
  • Go double-duty: Elizabeth Babbins, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, mother of Leo, 3, followed the advice of an experienced mom friend and converted a dresser into a changing table: "We laid the high-sided changing table pad on top. All the diapers, ointments, and changing supplies fit perfectly in the top drawers. The dresser will take Leo through college and beyond, as long as the crayon wipes off."

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