A Family Room for Everyone

Transform your family room into a place where playdates and grown-up fun can coexist.

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Lincoln Barbour

Double Duty

Sharing a home with three young kids means no fancy living room with white upholstery for Summer and Danny Robertson, owners of fawnandforest.com, a modern products webstore. With discreet toy storage, a coffee table where the kids can play, floor pillows for lounging, and a media center that houses everything from electronics to blocks, they have managed to retain their style in their Portland, Oregon, home while creating a harmonious space for the family to gather. Want to revamp your room? Click through for ideas.

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Lincoln Barbour

Toy Storage

Find a stylish solution that won't compromise the décor of your room. Store toys in cute patterned bins that tuck nicely in a corner or at the foot of a sofa.

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Home Organization: Organizing Toys

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Peter Ardito

Toy Storage: Hang Up

Hang this unit horizontally or vertically to house small knickknacks.

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It Worked For Me: Organization Inspiration

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Peter Ardito

Toy Storage: DIY Display

They're not just for flowers! Display toys in hanging planter baskets.

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Peter Ardito

Toy Storage: Lovely Labels

Label your kids' stuff in bins with chalkboard panels.

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Peter Ardito

Toy Storage: Darling Drawers

These sturdy nylon drawers come in 15 colors and patterns.

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Lincoln Barbour

Kids' Seating

Give the children their own place to veg out. Isac, age 1, loves to chill on floor cushions to play or flip through picture books. Bonus: more room for Mom and Dad on the couch.

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Peter Ardito

Kids' Seating: Sit Smart

A floor pillow that invites kids to practice their letters? Perfect.

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Peter Ardito

Kids' Seating: Comfy Classic

The beanbag chair never goes out of style.

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Peter Ardito

Kids' Seating: Little Loveseat

The little ones will feel so grown-up sitting on this stylish mini love seat.

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Peter Ardito

Kids' Seating: Future Perfect

Kids can stash their belongings in the back of these futuristic-looking chairs.

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Lincoln Barbour

Coffee Tables

Let this living room staple serve either a storage or play function. The Robertsons splurged on a coffee table with a compartment that stores books and magazines.

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Peter Ardito

Coffee Tables: Tr?s Chic Tray

Put a tray on top of a storage bench to convert it to a lovely and functional coffee table.

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Peter Ardito

Coffee Tables: Cool Cubes

Separate these nesting cubes for multiple uses.

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Peter Ardito

Coffee Tables: Paper Placemat

Save your table from crayon marks (and drink rings) with a paper roll that's attached to the side.

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Lincoln Barbour

Media Centers

Since it's the prime focus of most family rooms, choose a unit that best suits your needs.

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Peter Ardito

Media Centers: All-Purpose Pick

With removable doors and shelves, this lightweight but sturdy unit is versatile in its design.

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Peter Ardito

Media Centers: Wall-Saving Storage

Attach your television's bracket to the unit rather than to your wall.

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Peter Ardito

Media Centers: Game-Changer

The tempered-glass sliding door allows remote and gaming control signals to pass through it.

Originally published in the March 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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