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Kaysh Shinn

  • Wear your baby in a carrier while you vacuum, clean up the kitchen, or tackle other tasks, as Scotch Plains, New Jersey, mom Sandi Tortorella does with her 3-month-old son, Luca. You'll have your hands free while keeping your little one close.
  • I like to place socks in lingerie bags (one for each family member) before dropping them in the washing machine. No more hunting for tiny baby or toddler socks gone MIA.
  • Store sheets (tucked into pillowcases) in the room in which they'll be used instead of in the linen closet.
  • Make your house a shoe-free zone. "Eighty percent of the dirt in your home is tracked in on your shoes," Novak says.
  • "When my 3-month-old son, Nolan, is napping," says Sara Dadyar, of Monroe, Connecticut, "I pop in my cell phone earpiece so I can do things like banking and calling the insurance company while my hands are free for washing bottles or doing laundry."

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