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Prenatal Massage

Benefit: Relaxes tense muscles and alleviates such pregnancy woes as lower-back aches, leg pain (like sciatica), and swollen legs and feet.

At-Home Version: Use an unscented massage oil (available at stores that sell bath and body products, including Caswell Massey, The Body Shop, and Garden Botanika). Have your partner use flat-handed pressure to gently knead your body from head to toe as you lie on alternating sides. Pregnant women tend to slouch, which can strain the lower back. Your partner can counteract this by placing a fist against each of your hips and pushing in with equal pressure. Another way to ease lower-back pain is for your partner to place a can of frozen juice concentrate on the small of your back and to lightly roll it up and down against your spine or any part of your back that's sore.

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