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A Beautiful Pregnancy

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Rachel Weill

Tired. Swollen. Achy. That's how many people traditionally assumed pregnant women feel. But now a growing number of spas nationwide are offering a host of specialized treatments from prenatal massage and pedicures to lymphatic drainage and facials to make expectant moms feel pampered, soothed, and more beautiful than ever. In a change from the time when spas focused more on what pregnant women couldn't do, they're not only welcoming moms-to-be but offering everything from specialized pregnancy packages to classes in prenatal fitness, childbirth, breastfeeding, and self-hypnosis for labor pain.

"It's very important to feel good because pregnancy is not an illness," says Jonathan Scher, M.D., a leading ob-gyn at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. "Spas relax and rejuvenate you so you're less susceptible to stress, which has been linked to various pregnancy complications, such as premature labor and hypertensive disorders."

Whether or not you get to one of the new pregnancy spas during your nine months, you can learn from their tricks of the trade and try them at home.

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