Parents Quit for Good, Part 3: Breathe Easy

Quitter Moms

Diana Castillo San Antonio, Texas
Kids: Bruno, 8, and Marco, 7

"I no longer spend all day thinking about smoking. I actually worry that I'm more vulnerable now than when I first quit because my guard is down and I might be tempted to take just one drag ... but I know that I do not want to smoke again! There have been challenging times when I could have used a cigarette, but I have been learning how to be an adult without smoking. Now I'm focusing on losing the 15 pounds I put on -- I've lost seven so far."

Sandy Baugh Huntsville, Alabama
Kids: Alex, 10, and Justin, 7

"I had one slipup, but it made me feel sicker than I have ever felt about smoking before. My advice to moms is stick with it because it is so worth it! I couldn't have quit without changing my habits beforehand, using nicotine replacement for the full 12 weeks (in my past quit attempts, I stopped early to save money), and reading over and over again all the info I could find about the dangers of smoking. I've gained a little weight, but I know that I can concentrate on losing it now because I'm no longer consumed with talking myself into not smoking!"

Amy Meyer Marion, Iowa
Kids: Andrew, 1 year

"I hadn't been using any medication, and unfortunately, I started smoking again. My grandmother passed away, and things were very stressful. However, I've officially quit smoking again with the help of free nicotine patches that I got through Iowa's quitline. Quitting is a learning process, and I'm more prepared this time. Working out and eating better helps motivate me, and my husband's encouragement really helps me. I look at my little boy, and I want to quit for myself and for him."

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