So Long, Cigarettes: How to Quit Smoking

Make a Plan to Quit

To help you triumph over tobacco, Parents has teamed up with Legacy to create a special quit plan for moms and dads, powered by the group's online cutting-edge program, Become an Ex. Continuing in our March and April issues and at, we'll help you identify your smoking triggers, find new ways to get through your day without cigarettes, and avoid gaining weight along the way. Going cold turkey isn't the most effective strategy: Research has shown that you can at least double your odds of success if you plan ahead before you quit, take advantage of nicotine replacement or other medications, and get support. At, you can share your challenges and trade tips with other readers. Whether you smoke a pack a day or light up only occasionally, there's never been a better time to quit -- and start spending all that money on something worthwhile.

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