How Moms Can Live Healthy Lives

Feeling lousy? So are lots of moms. Here's why -- and what you can do to live a healthy life.

Well-Mommy Visits?

Working mom with two kids

I'm a 37-year-old mother of three who practices yoga several times a week. Overall, I considered myself in good health until I had my first physical in five long years. The news wasn't good. Low blood sugar. High cholesterol. Looking back, it shouldn't have surprised me. The fact is, I spend lots of time in the doctor's office for my kids' various issues, but when it comes to my own health, well, that's another story.

Think about it: When you're pregnant, you make sure you and baby-to-be are well, you deliver, return for a postpartum checkup, and then immerse yourself in mothering. There are no well-mommy visits, but perhaps there should be. Physically, new mothers in particular are vulnerable to all types of illnesses.

And all the emotional stresses of being the primary caregiver of a new little life doesn't make things any easier. If you're one of the many new moms whose health is the last thing on her to-do list, read on to find out why you should make it a priority now.

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