Feel-Good Moves for Moms

Risk: Seating Baby in Stroller

woman doing leg exercise

Peter LaMastro

Risky Behavior: Straining to stuff your resistant toddler into a stroller or car seat
What Hurts: Upper and lower back

Soothing move: Lie on your stomach, then prop yourself up on your elbows, so chest is lifted. Keeping legs together, push your pubic bone into the floor; bend right knee and kick foot as close as you can to your bottom twice. Lower right leg; repeat with left leg. Do it 10 times with each leg.

Prevention pointer: Do lunges to strengthen legs and butt, which should bear strain of this chore. Stand with feet together; take giant step with left foot, so knee is over ankle, right knee is close to ground. Push up with right leg to return to start position. Repeat on right leg. Alternate legs for 20 steps.

Tip: When fastening a child in, bend knees and engage abs to relieve pressure from back and shift weight onto legs.

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