Breast Cancer Risks and Myths

Breast Cancer Myths

Be alert to risk factors for breast cancer, but also be aware that many myths and rumors about the disease abound. The following factors have been determined by the ACS to have no impact on a woman's likelihood of developing breast cancer:

  • Antiperspirants: Internet e-mail rumors claiming that chemicals in underarm antiperspirants are absorbed through the skin causing breast cancer are unfounded. There is no evidence to support this rumor.
  • Underwire bras: There is no scientific basis that supports the myth that some bras may lead to breast cancer.
  • Smoking: While tobacco is unhealthy for many reasons, there is no connection between the use of tobacco and breast cancer.
  • Abortion or miscarriage: Women who have undergone abortion or experienced miscarriage are not at a higher risk for breast cancer.
  • Breast implants: Several studies have found that breast implants do not increase breast cancer risk.

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