Healthy Mom

Easy workouts, healthy eating and relaxation tips are just a few important elements to help you be a healthy mom.

You Have to See This Mom Parody of Adele's 'Hello' Video

This video perfectly sums up what it feels like to be a mom just trying to make a phone call.

Your 15-Minute At-Home HIIT Workout

Can't make it to the gym? By alternating short bursts of all-out exercise with less intense periods, you can achieve more. Try this high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plan by trainer Ramona Braganza four times a week and you'll feel firmer in a month.

17 Habits of Very Happy Moms

How do those upbeat moms we all envy keep the joy and love flowing? In honor of Mother's Day, we sent our intrepid reporter to uncover their secrets.

Is 'Baby Brain' Actually a Good Thing?

Moms: Forget what you think you know about "baby brain."

Pain-Relieving Stretches for Moms

Even minor parenting tasks like carrying your diaper bag and running after your toddler can make your body stiff and achy. Our stretching plan targets the spots that bug moms most.

Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Motherhood

Kelly Rowland always wanted a baby but, like most parents, didn't fully understand the changes one little person can bring. As she celebrates her son's first birthday, she talks frankly about the bumps and beauty of her initial year of motherhood.

The Other Postpartum Problem: Anxiety

Not sick, not depressed -- just on edge and overwhelmed. If those first days of motherhood aren't all that you expected, know this: You're not alone.

Good News, Moms-of-Many! You May Live Longer

Moms, aging may be all in our heads!

15 Time-Management Tips

Save time and energy with these easy and practical ideas.

3 Signs You've Forgotten About YOU

As moms, we're so busy caring for our partners, our kids, and our households that we often forget to care for ourselves. Here, a few signs you need to show yourself a little more TLC, and how to make that happen.

Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life

You feel like you're being pulled in a million different directions. Your to-do list is never-ending. You have to sneak away to find time for yourself. We get it! Our special report can help you find the calm that's been eluding you.

10 Weird Ways Stress Makes You Sick

Cold sores? Diarrhea? Memory loss? Turns out, too much tension can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. We'll tell you how to stay healthy under all that pressure.

How to Do Crunches

Ever wondered how to do the perfect crunch? Here's a step-by-step guide to correct form.

Hip Extension

Whip those buns into shape with this equipment-free move.

10 Ways to Get Instant Energy

10 Easy Ways For Tired Moms To Get Fired Up Fast.

10 Ways to Beat Bloating

Feeling gassy, puffy, and just plain gross? These simple strategies will help.

All About Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Causes, symptoms, and treatment methods for UTIs.

The Mommy-and-Me Workout

Want to tone your abs, butt, and other postpregnancy trouble spots? This simple workout, developed by renowned yoga instructors Sarah Perron and Joni Hyde, lets you bond with your baby while you get your body back into shape.

Recurrent Yeast Infections

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

5 Things I'm Doing to Quit Being a Mama Martyr

How one mom came to terms with her "mama martyr" label and decided to ditch her self-destructive ways.

Avoid and Treat New-Mom Injuries

All that carrying, feeding, and holding can hurt. Learn how to avoid and treat the most common new-mom injuries.

Moms on Drugs: The Prescription Pill Epidemic

Prescription pills are easier to access than ever -- and they're nearly destroying young families. For these mothers, a doctor-recommended dose spiraled into an out-of-control addiction.

A Mom's Guide to Ab Rehab

You love your kid. The wobbly tummy she left you with? Not so much. But being a mom doesn't have to mean saying sayonara to your pre-kid stomach. Small switches to your diet, workout routine, and lifestyle can make over your middle. Mix and match your choice of the following tips for a trimmer waist in no time.

Quick & Easy Fitness for Tired Moms

Do you feel zapped of energy whenever you actually have the time to work out? This laid-back home-exercise routine will burn calories and boost your energy -- and you need only 20 minutes to do it!

Is Your Family Getting Enough Exercise?

A recent Fitbit survey shows parents are getting in exercise in surprising ways.

10 Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Improve Your Life

The social media campaign #Commit2Ten might be the motivation your family needs to start getting more exercise.