Rock Star Momma: Skye Hoppus

This "It" mom's got the look, style, and attitude we love.

Why She's an "It" Mom

Skye Hoppus

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Our Mom: Skye Hoppus
Meet the Family: Her son, Jack, is 5, and her husband, Mark Hoppus, is a rock star -- literally. Formerly with Blink-182, he's the bass player and singer for +44.
Day Job: Founder of Childish Clothing, which makes hip maternity and kids' clothes; author of Rock Star Momma.
Steal-Worthy Style: L.A. Glam meets Rock and Roll Chic.

Q. When you arrived at the photo studio you were wearing a really short dress and super-high heels. Is this a regular thing, or did you dress up for us?
A. Well, like most moms, I've got a lot of different sides. When I'm hanging out with Jack, I'll wear something like a tank and jeans. But I love to glam it up and wear fake eyelashes, and I always wear heels -- even at the playground.

Q. And what about makeup? Do you fall into the "never leave home without it" camp?
I'm a gloss-and-liner girl. It's very low-maintenance, but you always look great. I just started using Shu Uemura liquid liner. I love it -- it's like a felt-tip pen, and you can put it on in one second.

Q. Before you got married, you were an executive at MTV. Now you have your own clothing line. How did you go from booking bands to fashion?
I stopped working because being pregnant and going to clubs to scout for bands was not such a great fit. But I just couldn't sit still -- I had to do something. I also had a problem: I couldn't find cool clothes that looked good on my ever-expanding body. I started off designing jeans without that ugly stretchy belly band, so you could even wear them after you had the baby.

Q. You don't look like the type who would wear maternity clothes postpregnancy.
But I am! I gained 50 pounds, and it took two years for me to lose that weight. My whole body changed -- I've become pear-shaped. And my feet grew a whole size.

Q. Is Jack into clothes too?
He has very strong ideas about what he likes. He won't wear jeans because he thinks they're uncomfortable, and he only wears Velcro sneakers -- preferably unmatched (so we have a lot of pairs). He's really different from my husband and me. We're both outgoing and love a crowd, but Jack isn't into being the center of attention. He's content playing on his computer and taking toys apart.

Q. What's your favorite family ritual?
We go out to breakfast every morning at a local cafe -- even on school days. I love it because instead of everyone rushing around doing their own thing in the morning, we get to really hang out together.

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