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KikkiKikki and son, Jasper

Her Life: Kikki Short, of Port Chester, New York, gets to spend the first half of most days with her 4-year-old daughter, Madeline, and her son, Jasper, who just turned 2. Then her work as a tutor begins. "My first appointment is around 3, and I go until 9 or 10 p.m.," says Kikki, who sometimes sees high schoolers in her house but often travels to them.

Fashion Crisis: Kikki's kid-filled day makes it easy for her to dress like a student herself. But she's in a jeans-and-sweatshirt rut and doesn't have many new clothes because she hates the hassle of trying things on.

Solution: Cannon, our stylist, did a power-shopping morning with Kikki. By devoting just a few hours, they were able to find a couple of great items that made Kikki excited about clothes again. For instance, they found a cute green dress that later inspired Kikki to buy a purple one with a similar cut at her local Salvation Army.

Worked: Kikki wants to avoid a cookie-cutter look, but Cannon taught her not to fear mass merchants, such as Banana Republic, which sell great basics. For instance, a pair of white corduroys can go with any top.

Didn't Work: Kikki knew she'd never put on fussy, froufrou clothing, so they skipped over anything fancy. But she got some classic sweaters to replace her sweatshirts, and prettier tops to replace T-shirts.

One More Tip: "I throw an occasional clean-your-closet party with a friend," says Jessica Denay, who runs the Web site Have someone help you weed out (and donate) old clothes that you no longer wear, so you can start fresh.

Must-Have: Separates. Stores like Anthropologie are great for a few unique, inspired pieces. Scour sales for bargains!

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