Great Party Hair in 5 Minutes

Disheveled Braid

Woman with braided hair

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

If you can do a basic braid, you can quickly create this look. It holds up best with thicker hair.

1. Because this style benefits from as much texture as it can get, try it on the second day after you've shampooed.

The Wet Brush

Avery Powell

2. Smooth out the top section using a brush with firm bristles like The Wet Brush. ($14;

3. Begin the side braid at ear level. Pull a few pieces from the braid to create a sultry effect.

Garnier Fructis Full-Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Avery Powell

4. Lock in the look with a hair spray like Garnier Fructis Full-Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray. ($4;

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