Great Party Hair in 5 Minutes

You won't run late to your next soirée if you follow these easy styles.

No-Fuss Pin-Back


Thayer Allyson Gowdy

The simple elegance of this style makes it a crowd pleaser for all hair lengths, but it's especially nice for longer hair, says Mairead Gallagher, senior stylist at the Oscar Blandi Salon, in New York City.

1. Wear your hair sleek or wavy with this look. If you do wavy, consider braiding your hair damp the night before.

Matrix Biolage Blow-In Control

Avery Powell

2. If you braided your hair, take it out and run a styling cream like Matrix Biolage Blow-In Control ($16; for salons) through your hair to polish and soften.

Kimble Beauty Rubberized Bobby Pins

Avery Powell

3. Part your hair down the middle and use your fingers to grab a small section from each side of the part. Twist the sections toward the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins. We like the flexibility of Kimble Beauty Rubberized Bobby Pins. ($7;

Goody Luxe Desiree Bobby Slides

Avery Powell

4. Add a jeweled clip to the pinned section for a festive touch. Try Goody Luxe Desiree Bobby Slides. ($7;

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